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Hearing is believing, but seeing is out of the question

Truly amazing things can be accomplished with Invisible Stereo of Memphis, Tennessee. Imagine "Theater" rooms that show 'NO' characteristics of there even being an audio/video application present! A totally hidden speaker system. You can design your room to ANY motif and still be assured that tremendous multi-channel effects can be had at your beck and call!

Now, 'Rear' channel sound sources can more often be placed at each 'Side' of the main seating area. 

Rolen Star transducer
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The Memphis Vesta home shows have been a great success for Invisible Stereo of Memphis, Tennessee over the years. We have showcased many homes with our affordable audio/video systems. Our Black Flame Light Fusion Projector Screens are always one of the biggest hits, offering incredible performance and value.

If you visited any of the shows I’m sure you immediately noticed the incredible clarity, color richness, and contrast that was available on these screens. Obviously the lighting conditions are less than optimum at these Memphis home shows, yet we still have a phenomenal picture. That’s the beauty of Black Flame, it offers the best overall picture regardless of room lighting conditions.

Of course, let’s not forget our transducers. Dynamic sound with no visible speakers. Everyone is amazed when they discover that entire walls can become speakers. Totally invisible, hidden speakers blending seamlessly into any decor. We can install individual rooms with transducer sound, or complete home theater installations. Please check our testimonials to read comments from several of our satisfied customers regarding their sound and home theater installations.

We service Memphis, Tennessee and surrounding areas, and have dealers across the country for custom audio and home theater installations. Contact us today for an affordable and unique audio/video system.

Imagine the possibilities in your home!

Why Choose A Projector Screen Over A Large Screen Television?

1) Space - A projector can be mounted on the ceiling or set behind the viewing area on a shelf or table. The screen can be mounted to a wall, recessed into the ceiling or the floor. This leaves much more floor space and allows for more living space.

2) Cost - Cost is comparable. A good large screen TV will cost from $3,000 to $5,000+ dollars. A projector and screen combination can cost as little as $3500.

3) Viewing area - With a projector and screen, you can get up to a 30' viewing diagonal. A zoom lens and focus allow for different sizes in different locations. Different placements within a room will allow for various screen sizes.   

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